We make our heat-shrink film from high-quality materials, using components intended for direct contact with food. However, our film has a wide range of applications in various branches of industry. In particular, it is a fine solution for rigid packaging of goods or for combination of products into multi-packs. Jordan offers heat-shrink film customised to the individual technical requirements of our clients in order to best serve their intended purpose.

Our heat-shrink film is sold to buyers from a wide variety of industries, e.g.:

  • fruit and vegetable processing plants (fruit drinks, juices, concentrates, jams, honey, oils, preserved vegetables)
  • sugar factories, cereal plants (flour, rice, groats)
  • meat and fish industry (canned and jarred meat and fish)
  •  drink producers (mineral water, beer, juices)
  • chemical and cosmetic industry (grave candles, washing powders, shampoos, deodorants, hygiene products)

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